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Automatic washing machine forward contradict

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Automatic washing machine forward contradict

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Automatic washing machine forward contradict




Automatic washing machine forward contradict

Automatic washing machine has a development history of over 60 years in global, in this period many famous brands have been integrated or have closed down, why such a big change happened in today’s automatic car washing machine industry? Autobase give you the details explain bout this:
In Europe and the United States, has set up more than seventy automatic washing machine manufacturers, throughout Europe and the United States, and even Eastern Europe, Greece and North America Canada continues. But until 2007, the rest of the automatic washing machine brands only left 20 companies, of which covers nearly 10 companies are integrated or annexation. The reason is the market integration and the needs of the industry's development, for survival of the fittest. Because of the immature technology, the too small business scale, service can not meet the needs which all lead to the shut down of the companies; it is the irreversible market development rules. However, the current European automatic washing machine industry survive under the influence of the European debt crisis fatigue, the manufacturing enterprises have to rethink the market positioning and product positioning problem this year, because of the high cost of manufacturing and the declined market demand have substantially impact matter of survival as a washing machine company in Europe, which they must face the thorny problem, then the solution of practical problems seemed so difficult to find out. Customers in Europe flocking to the good quality but a competitive price areas to select products because of the high price of the product positioning makes, this is an indisputable fact. Automatic washing machine for high-priced had no market share in developing countries, then where is the future of the automatic washing machine in Europe? Where to go finally? This is worthy of further study and explore! So it is not too much said that the car wash machine industry in Europe are forward contradictions.
 Well, let’s look at the car wash machine’s development in developing countries; the development of the automatic washing machine field is a little late. can be traced to the automatic washing machine manufacturing industry, Chinese economic development product the sharp rise of the self-demand, makes the development of automatic washing machines in China is particularly fast, especially in the last decade. So how is the level of Chinese automatic washing machine development? We have to start with the level of technology, and technology solutions’ capacity. The technology and manufacturing level of Chinese automatic car wash machine has a 10 years distance between the Europe and the United States, but why automatic washing machine in the world still using the Chinese products? The reason is very simple, they had to make this choice under their financial is not so good. But there still exist good quality brand in China that impressed the world, which is Autobase automatic car wash machine! Autobase is the leading brands of automatic washing machine, and also the midrange worldwide benchmark in the field of automatic washing machine brand, with a high price at the same time without losing attaches great importance to the quality, which makes the field of automatic washing machines in Europe and America had to admire. Its TEPO-AUTO automatic washing machine is more respected by the car wash industry worldwide, because the TEPO-AUTO washing machine is economic, applicable, and easy to use!

China automatic washing machine are still struggling in the low end market, because the market is not a benign environment, , it is difficult to distinguish the quality of the technology is good or bad for customers select automatic washing machine, which makes automatic washing machine in the industry's reputation get a great impact. Market demand increase significantly, but the quality and service disappointed the customers, which is so said that the automatic washing machine industry development in China is also forward contradict.

So how do you think about the automatic washing machines in Europe and the United States survival in the contradiction? China automatic washing machine industry how to get a healthy development in reality? That is undoubtedly clear understanding and planning for themselves market as well as products. Speaking of automatic washing machines in Europe and America how to be out of the woods, what is first to do is the need to lay down their selves, out of Europe and the United States, really go to the world which can make their own survival. Why Europe and the United States in some areas frequently introduced anti-dumping policy to suppress the products and services of other countries? The actual problem lies in the fundamental positioning. High product status added high price system which makes their living space becomes narrower. There is no a better solution than the win-win cooperation. Which can help solve the problem of existence and really go out, why not do it with happiness? If automatic washing machine industry want change the excite situation they should consider their own product positioning and rapid transformation. Because the inferior products accounted for most of the industry market, if they make full use of the chance they can get a new development opportunity during the transition period, if they still stand at the same place, then they just got the eliminated fate. The market is cruel, and relentless and automatic washing machine industry did not want to move forward in a contradiction, only can develop with the times, and to get the respect of the market!


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